Camden Maine Fall Foliage

While the leaves aren’t changing quite yet in Camden we did want to share some great news! This year is predicted to be an incredible year to see fall colors in Maine. The summer was fairly dry, and hot, which means we can look forward to those incredible scarlet, blaze orange and golden leaves that made Camden, Maine one of the most beautiful places in New England for fall foliage.

You can check out Maine’s foliage in real time by going to Maine’s Fall Foliage website. The chart, which just launched today, shows which areas of the state are beginning to turn.

Here is a picture that shows off the beauty of what’s in store, it’s taken from the window of one of our guest rooms at the Camden Harbour Inn.

If you’d like to visit us this fall, we’ve got some great package options for you. We hope you can join us.

The Camden Hills

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