New Menu Coming Soon at Natalie’s

We’ve been on a little winter break, cleaning, light remodeling – and working on a new menu for Natalie’s.

Geoffroy Deconinck, our Executive Chef, has been drawn to and inspired by Camden’s location on the water since he first visited the area. He says it’s a gateway to the world, and loves to contemplate the ships that have visited our shores over the centuries. The ocean, and its connection to the world, as well as our Inn’s international flavor due to our Dutch heritage as well as the backgrounds of our staff members (Geoffroy is from Belgium, many of our employees are from Asia, Eastern Europe and other farflung destinations) has helped to serve as inspiration for our new menu.

When we began to talk about the flavors of the world and the bounty of the ocean, and the connection to our Inn and the Dutch East India Trade (little known fact, our rooms are all named for ports of call, take a look), and Geoffroy’s unique use of spices from around the world, we realized that our menu didn’t explore these connections fully, in a way that our guests could see and enjoy.

Our new menu is filled with the dishes we’re known for, prepared with an emphasis on fresh, high quality ingredients grounded in modern French technique. Except now we are taking it a step further, and exploring how the spices used in the dishes connect us with the food and location. This journey, examining our menu and how we relate to it and to the flavors from our individual heritages, has been an exciting one.

We are looking forward to sharing the details of the menu with you, and hope that you will join us to explore the spices and inspirations of the world soon. The ocean is at the foot of the hill, and beyond that is the world.

We reopen on January 29.

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