Snowstorm Nemo in Camden

Nemo sounds like a silly name for the storm but the snow has been falling quickly for hours now. It’s beautiful outside and is appropriately timed for the weekend, the US National Toboggan Championships.

Here at the Camden Harbour Inn we’re proud to host the Royal Dutch Toboggan Team for the third year in a row. While they’ve never won for speed they do get a lot of attention, and honor, for their costumes. We got a peek at the costumes in store for this weekend’s activities last night. It’s hard to explain what they are, but there are puffy ornate jackets, hats that have a whistle with what looks like a bird on top and lots of brilliant blue feathers. We’ll take some pictures when the team is dressed up and share them on the blog.

The snow adds to the sense of winter coziness, the fire in the lounge burns brighter, the red chairs and lamps in the dining room glow with warmth. It looks like we’re truly ready for Valentine’s Day. WABI TV visited us last week to talk about Natalie’s as a romantic destination, the write up is here and they are working on getting the video clip up.

With so much snow in the forecast it looks like February will be a great time for cross country skiing, snow shoeing and downhill skiing too. Our Winter Wonderland two night package is perfect for a winter fun.

Snow brings out the playful side in many of us; we hope that you will have a chance to visit us this winter and enjoy some play time.



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