Elephants in Hope

You probably don’t think of elephants when you think of Maine. Crashing waves, rocky shores, pine trees – all of those images come to mind easily – but elephants sound out of place.

Maine is home however to two Asian Elephants, Rosie and Opal, at Hope Elephants in Hope, Maine. Hope is just a six-mile drive from our Inn; you can visit the elephants and learn about wildlife conservation.

Hope Elephants was created to provide a home for injured, elderly, and abused elephants and is the only place in the U.S. where elephants receive daily physical and medical therapy, as well as nutritional support. All this care is provided by a dedicated team of professional elephant handlers and veterinarians.

Rosie and Opal have worked in the circus for 40+ years and have nerve, limb, and joint damage. Luckily, the organization has developed programs and treatments to alleviate their pain and improve their quality of life. They share an outdoor paddock with varied terrain including a mud wallow, shady trees, small hills to climb, and a barn with heated floors covered in 8 inches fine sand. These elephants are already on their way to a more promising future. If you’d like to visit the elephants be sure to plan ahead, you need to make reservations.

The next time you visit the Camden Harbour Inn, perhaps your “must do” list will look like this: kayak on Megunticook Lake, sail in Camden Harbor, hike Mt. Battie and visit Hope Elephants.

It’s a vacation you’re sure to remember.


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