Natalie’s, a culinary destination

The cuisine in Maine sells itself; seafood right off the boat, local ingredients and influences from all around the world can be found in many restaurants. When that is paired with a skilled kitchen staff with vision and an understanding of balance the food takes on an entirely new level.

Writer John Golden visited Natalie’s recently, calling it “world-class dining in Camden” and remarked on the experience saying, “The menu respects the use of local ingredients from area farms and purveyors, and the chef has wrapped it all up in glorious ways to make it visually triumphant,” and that “ Natalie’s is at the forefront as a haven for civility and stylish dining–in a coastal town where visitors now come not only for the scenery but for the delights of this region’s  new culinary energy.” The hard work of our Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, waitstaff and others did not go unnoticed in his review; we are very proud of our team.

To experience Natalie’s for yourself, consider our Gourmet Dinner Package. This package includes a two night stay in one of our luxurious guestrooms, our infamous a la carte Champagne breakfast every morning, hors d’oeuvres and a glass of Prosecco when you arrive. What sets this experience apart from any other, however, is that we include a 5-course tasting dinner at our award winning Natalie’s Restaurant.

Executive Chef Jon Gaboric will prepare a 5-course menu especially for you while you enjoy the breathtaking views of Camden harbor and the mountains.

Since opening in 2007, Natalie’s has received numerous awards and has earned the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

We could tell you more about the mouth-watering meals prepared by Executive Chef Jon Gaboric, but it wouldn’t do them justice. You might have to check out the menus yourself.

Don’t take our word for it; call 800-236-4266 to make your reservation and experience the best flavors Maine has to offer.

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