A discussion of Maine hospitality

Camden Harbour Inn owner Raymond Brunyanszki recently appeared on the Dr. Lisa radio show, which airs in Maine on WLOB but is also available on iTunes.  Raymond, a veteran of the hospitality world, joined Dr. Lisa Belisle to discuss what it takes to operate Maine’s most luxurious boutique hotel and nationally acclaimed fine dining restaurant, Natalie’s.

The interview included a focus on how the Camden Harbour Inn sets itself apart from other lodging facilities and how the industry will move forward in the future. Jonathan Cartwright of the White Barn Inn also appeared as a guest on the show, providing additional insight to Maine hospitality.

The Dr. Lisa Radio Show is focused on health and wellness, from an individual, family and community perspective. The show aims to create a peaceful oasis in the midst of a hectic world and encourages listeners to create their own joyful, happy and sustainable lives. In this way, Dr. Lisa supports a message we feel passionate about at the Camden Harbour Inn: it’s necessary to take time to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life.

You can listen for free via iTunes.

We hope you enjoy it!

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