Camden on the Big Screen


Anyone who’s been to Camden knows what a beautiful place it is, but did you know Camden’s made it onto the big screen more than a few times?

Some of the scenes from 1956’s Carousel were filmed in Camden, and around that same time crews arrived in Camden to film the controversial Peyton Place – a bestselling novel that was so shocking for its time that it couldn’t be found at the town library.

While 1995’s Casper is set in Friendship, most of the coastal Maine town that’s seen in the movie was filmed right here in Camden.

The film version of Thinner, a thriller from prolific Maine horror writer Stephen King, was filmed in Camden and other Mid-Coast Maine locations.

In the Bedroom was shot up and down the coast of Maine, including the Camden and Rockport region. After its release it won an award at the Sundance Film Festival.

The late soap opera Passions used shots of Camden to represent the fictional town of Harmony in its opening credits.

Have you noticed Camden anywhere we haven’t?

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